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State Roofing: (Construction Company) July 1998 – present; Design, develop and convert a Job Costing system from Paradox to Microsoft Access. Used VBA for the entire system. Intel Corp. (Manufacturer/Research/Development) 2005 – present; Enhancements using VBA to complex Excel workbook used to calculate compensation for new employees of acquired companies.

CB Richard Ellis/The Palmer Team (Commercial Real Estate) 1999 – present; Access Payroll system upgrade, designed and wrote database to track work on monthly dinners and maintain list of attendees. Produced Word documents to print name tents and roster of attendees along with the menu, designed and wrote daily time capture system to feed all time management reports and payroll.

Arcade Church: (Ministries) June 2002 – present; Designed and wrote new Access database for key tracking. Redesign and creation of Access database for Children’s ministries and one for tape library. The redesign of the Children’s ministries was to remove several problems and make the overall DB much more flexible and user friendly. Used VBA extensively within each database for improved user interface control. Also moved an Access DB from one desktop, to an intranet application with user interface accomplished with .ASP web pages which used VB script. Produce weekly Power Point presentation.

WorkSmart Automation (Municipal Water Control Systems) February 2005 – May 2005; Designed and wrote a generic data entry program (MS Access) to allow the client to easily and quickly define a new data entry screens. The data storage method did not allow standard data entry methods, but all data entry programs needed to work (look and feel as well as data handling) exactly the same.

Blue Shield of California (Health Insurance) September 2004 – January 2005; Macro Analyst (any Office document) with the XP Rollout Project. Reviewed, tested in the XP environment, and remediate any Office document (Access, Excel, or Word) so it would perform correctly within Windows XP. During this project, I was consistently assigned to fix problems that were beyond the scope of any other team member.

Verizon: (Commission Accounting) January 2001 – September 2003; Support role within Commission Accounting; specific duties included report writing using Microsoft Access, Intranet ASP application for commission adjustments interfaced to SQL Server 2000, Excel spreadsheet creation for adjustment reporting document. Used VBA to automate user interfaces and reports. Used VBA to share data between Access and Excel. Used graphs to display summarized commissions. Contract to assist telesales reporting to upgrade existing Access databases and develop new databases to replace Excel solutions.

Tesco: (Electronic Control Manufacturer) March 1998 – July 2001; Design, develop, and document various Access databases which included Sales Proposal, Engineering Specification Reports, Water Control System daily reporting. Accessed external data to summarize for daily reporting. Used graphs to display summarized daily totals and averages.

First Health: (Health) June 2000 – January 2001; Researched and wrote VBA code to allow client to move an Access database which an Excel spreadsheet used for data access. Microsoft technical support stated this process could not be written, but I had it completed in 42 hours. Updated Excel 95 macros to work with Excel 2000

Gallo: (Winery) September 1997 – June 2000; Design and develop several small Access databases for Gallo’s Small Systems Department. Used VBA to control each database.

California State Department of Social Services (DSS): (State Government) September 1996 – November 1997; Researched, analyzed, and documented current business process. Developed and documented proposed business process. Developed proposed Access database. Graphs were used to display predetermined targets and performance against the targets. Wrote a user interface program in Visual Basic to be used in a $500,000 demo program.

Teichert Construction: (Road Construction) September 1995 – August 1996; Rewrote or developed several Access databases including reporting from btrieve data and restoring original design philosophy to a split development activity.

Kelco Division of Merck; (Specialty Chemical Manufacturer) San Diego, CA; duration: ten years; Supervise staff of 4 programmers, design and implement IBM System/34 and System/38 systems including product specification reporting to customers, statistical forecasting system, order entry system, research library search and retrieval system.